El Chupacabras Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Ray Pallis couldn’t imagine a worse situation to find himself in without his Christian Dior UV-protected sunglasses. Without shade and the sun reaching its zenith in the cloudless summer sky, he was forced to close his eyes against the intense glare. He really needed those glasses. It would have been easier on him if he could at least shield his eyes with his hand to compensate but he couldn’t even do that, not like this.

Days had gone by and the treatment hadn’t changed. They kept him in the harsh Mexican sun from dawn to dawn with no food or drink. Severe dehydration and parched, burnt skin would have overcome any normal person by now. But Ramon Alejandro Pallis was no normal person. For the most part, his body seemed completely unaware of Mother Nature’s display of brutality. His trousers, the only clothing they’d left him, were ruined beyond all recognition, yet he himself still looked fresh from a shower. His skin was smooth and cool, and his dark, shiny hair fell loosely past his shoulders in perfect waves. It’d been days since they’d taken him prisoner yet he was only just starting to form beads of sweat along his hairline. If they had any doubts before that he was anything but unnatural, this proved it to them beyond a doubt.

The man on Ray’s side let out a soft snore, setting Ray’s temper ablaze.

“Theo, wake up!” he barked.

“Two more minutes,” Theodore Pallis moaned, opening his eyes. “God, what is with this sun? Where’s a pair of Ray Bans when you need them?” He yawned and looked around at the empty courtyard. “Did I miss anything?”

“Nothing special. We’re about to get executed, that’s all.”

Oh… For a second I thought I’d missed something interesting,” Theo replied, gazing meaningfully at his own bound, shirtless state. “I gotta say I’m a bit disappointed though. An execution is fine and all but I was hoping it was something a bit more interactive- like a seduction gone wrong or something.”

“Do you ever take anything seriously, Theo?”

“Not really. Should I?” he replied, deadpan.

Across the courtyard, the wrought iron gates to the courtyard were flung open on whining hinges and a stream of people chanting ‘El Chupacabras!’ and ‘Kill them!’ came charging in. Men, women and children alike came pouring in; fierce looks on the tanned faces and bloodlust boiling behind their dark eyes. Many of them Ray had seen before but the faces he remembered the most were of the three men that had stolen into their holding pen in the dead of night in an attempt to kill them before the execution.

They looked more frightened than thirsty for bloodshed.

“I remember those three. I actually liked them,” Theo said, “Trying to kill us in secret took guts. I almost felt bad for them when their plan didn’t work.”

“Their fault for not knowing we’re impervious to ordinary weapons of man,” Ray replied, uncaring. “No ordinary bullet would break through your rock-hard skull, that’s for sure.”

“Sure, now you develop a sense of humor. Your first clever remark is a little lacking against my typical boyish charm and charisma but I guess it’s solid for your first try.”

“Shut up before I kill you myself.”

To be continued…


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