El Chupacabras Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Nnedi refused to listen to the part of her that knew that too much time had passed. Her mind understood it had been too long, that there was nothing she could do to save him now, but not for the first time, her heart shirked away from what her mind already knew. She wanted- no, needed– to be wrong just this once. Sacha couldn’t die. He simply couldn’t. Not like this.

Stop it! He’s dead, her mind told her.  

“No, he’s not!” she hissed out loud. “No, you’re not, Sacha…”

She paused to wipe away the blood gushing from her hairline with a sleeve of the tattered shirt she’d found in the debris. She was vaguely aware that the shirt was covered in someone else’s blood but she didn’t care. How was what her face was stained with important when Sacha was laying there, not a breath escaping those lips she knew so well?

“Come on, Sacha, breathe!” she begged, beating his chest three times before pressing her mouth to his, hoping desperately for a change.

Nnedi tried again and again to resuscitate him, ignoring the precious seconds that ticked by without so much as a twitch from him. Was this even working? She wondered. Was she even biologically capable of giving him air?

She shuddered. She couldn’t think about that. She just had to keep trying. She couldn’t give up on him. He hadn’t given up on her. He wasn’t like Theo.

To be continued…


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