The Mirror and I have a turbulent relationship.

I’d say we’re an on-again-off-again couple though we see each other everyday.

The reason is because there’s simply no trust,
And without trust, a relationship doesn’t thrive.

I can never tell if The Mirror is being honest or lying to make me feel better.
Don’t get me started on the days it decides to show it’s spiteful nature.
Some days it shows me a goddess,
Some days it shows me a girl even cinderella before the magic would pity.
Sometimes I consider retaliating,
But I don’t want to be arrested for domestic violence.

Have you met The Mirror’s friends?
Smartphone, camera and every possible reflective surface?
They are loyal to a fault.
They never betray.
If The Mirror hates me that day, they all do.
Sometimes smartphone is nice to me though;
It comes with beautify now.

My relationship with The Mirror is rocky, but we can’t break up.
Sometimes I need The Mirror to show the person I’ve become and glimpses- tiny glimpses- of the person I want to be.

I swear, The Mirror is the epitome of an emotionally abusive partner…
But I can’t bring myself to leave.


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