Aimless Rambling

-Though I never called you that-
Would you be proud of the way i
turned out?
I grew out of that tomboy phase you disliked
-Sort of-
I won’t lie and say it’s all gone
Jesus will probably tell you if I was lying
I’m less lazy
-Sort of-
I prefer to call it economic energy consumption
And I gained confidence
-Sort of.
Do you like how I turned out?

-Cos I grew to call you that-
I somehow found myself at the college I never wanted to go to
The one you went to
The one we both thought I was too lazy to get into- let alone survive in
As I knew they would, they constantly compared me to you
I hated it
Your shadow was always too large
But I learned to love the bittersweet challenge of growing out of it
I made it out
Yeah… I’m never going back there

-Because you loved it more when I called you that-
I still watch our favourite movies
Except Mr and Mrs Smith
I’ve learned it’s not as entertaining as we thought
I lost your necklace
I’m sad
Because it was the last thing you gave me
But it’s no matter
Material things are not the only things that bind me to you
Just like the word I use to call you does not change who you are to me

I wish I’d had a chance to learn more from you
But I’m glad I had the privilege of learning from you at all


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